Baking Illustrated Book

This book was given to me on my bday last year and I find this to be an excellent book. This book is not for everyone because it lacks a lot of the colorful pictures that normally people would expect but this book (and all the books from cook’s Illustrated) are written from a more technical and scientific approach. Not only it has the reputation of the Cooks Illustrated editors the recipes comes from what they call, “America’s Test Kitchen” which is an actual kitchen,

America’s Test Kitchen is a real 2,500 square foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Our mission is simple: to develop the absolute best recipes for all of your favorite foods. To do this, we test each recipe 30, 40, sometimes as many as 70 times, until we arrive at the combination of ingredients, technique, temperature, cooking time, and equipment that yields the best, most-foolproof recipe.

Our recipes, equipment ratings, taste test results, and kitchen tips are made available through our magazines, our Web sites, our television series; America’s Test Kitchen, and our cookbooks.

Pretty interesting! NO wonder the recipes I have tried are all pretty good!

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