Apo Apo (Taiwanese)

Apo Apo is a new taiwanese restaurant located in Rowland Heights. I tried the traditional minced pork  with pork chop rice and it came with a combination of other side dishes. The pork chop didn’t taste oily and overall I am very satisfied with the food, i think its better than most other places i have tried.



Fishball Noodle Soups…

My favorite chinese/Chiu Chau soup noodle places are:

1) Kim Chuy in Chinatown, they make their own fish sticks and pork patties:


2) Trieu Chau, in Westminster, they also make their own fish balls.


Best Chinese Seafood Restaurant…

I have had in a while is Newport Seafood on Last Tunas in San Gabriel. They’re well known for their lobsters..i have to say its the best I have had! If you come, make sure you get a table before 6 pm, they get very crowded and there is a long wait. Besides their lobster, everything in the menu that we ordered was very good! from veggies, to tofu, and appetizers.

iphone 240

Salvadorean Food..

I love to go to El Chinaco, its a salvadorean type of restaurant/fast food in Newport Beach. They have great pupusas and burrito, their horchata is great also!

Here is what pupusa looks like, basically its made of corn and made to order with carnitas and cheese filling inside.

iphone 242

Cheesecake Factory

Went there for dinner this past weekend. Here are some pictures.

Ice Mango Smoothie


Wasabi Crusted Ahi Tuna

I kinda took a chance on this one since i have not had anything besides pasta in cheesecake factory. To my surprise it was quite good, the tuna was perfect and the wasabi really enhanced the flavor. Just wished the wasabi flavor was stronger. Also when we asked for more wasabi they gave us wasabi butter instead.


Shrimp Scampi and Diane Steak Combo


The best of all: Banana Cheesecake!


This was the best cheesecake that i have had in cheesecake factory. It was very soft and creamy!

Guppy House

Never eaten there before since they’re known for their shaved ice but i ran out of places to go for dinner Friday night so we decided to go there.

2730 Alton Pkwy Ste 101
Irvine, CA 92614

Surprisingly the stew pork belly rice was really good! We also tried the popcorn chicken, but i preferred the pork belly rice. 🙂

Pork Belly Stew Rice

iphone 149

Spicy Popcorn Chicken Rice

iphone 150

Daikokuya Ramen (Marukai Costa Mesa)

There is a great ramen place inside Marukai Costa Mesa. Given that i am a fan of ramen i decided to give it a try. The broth is very flavorful and not salty; they had a lunch special that included a fried rice and cabbage salad which was surprisingly good! The lunch was around $10 for the combo.


The address:

2975 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA, 92626

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